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Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Vol. 29, No. 8, 487-496

Über die Beeinflussung der anaeroben Bakterienflora im Talgdrüsenausführungsgang durch eine äthyllactat-und äthanolhaltige Filmmaske und eine antimikrobielle Tensidlösung
M. Gloor , W. Wolf , M. Franke



A group of 15 healthy male subjects was treated with a face mask containing 1% ethyl lactate and 50% ethanol, while a matched group was treated with an antimicrobial surfactant solution with Aromox DMMCDW and Elfan NS242. The left side of the forehead was used as the test area, and a similar active agent free mask and a non-antimicrobial surfactant solution was applied to the right side of the forehead of each individual. Before the start of the treatment and 24 hours after the treatment the number of saprophytic bacteria in the pilosebaceous ducts was analyzed with the aid of a special anaerobic technique. The mask containing ethyl lactate and ethanol caused a significant reduction in the total bacteria and in the propionibacteria counts. The antimicrobial surfactant solution effected a significant decrease in the total bacteria count but did not alter the propionibacteria count. The results indicate that the test mask is an effective acne treatment. The efficacy of the treatment with the surfactant solution has not yet been determined.

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